photo by Aiste Rakauskaite
abacaxi - /ˈæ.bə.kəˌʃi/ - pineapple
descascar um abacaxi - to peel a pineapple - to solve a problem (brazilian saying)

STUDIO ABACAXI is a Rotterdam based architecture studio, founded by Martine Duyvis in 2017. It aims to create new environments in which people can experience, connect and be. Context with its history and future are an important starting point for the designs, which tend to be simple by material use and gestures, while sustainability plays a key role.

Martine Duyvis studied at TU Delft [NL], KTH Stockholm [SE] and FAU USP
São Paulo [BR]. She has gained previous experience working for Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), multiple identities / Atelier Elliott and V8 Architects in The Netherlands and Atelier Bow-Wow in Tokyo, Japan.

Stijn Hokke / Zumrud Nabiyeva / Luísa Martins / Maksymilian Benek / Lianne Klitsie / Jeroen van Laarhoven


De Architect print edition #3 2022 - Start-up Interview
De Architect - Start-up Interview

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