Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Completed: 2022
Program: Exhibition / Café / Office 
Gross floor area: 405m
Client: Leger des Heils (The Salvation Army), Mediawater
Team: Maksymilian Benek, Luísa Ferreira Martins, Jeroen van Laarhoven, Martine Duyvis
In collaboration with Museummakers

The Majoor Bosshardthuis is a museum in the former home of Majoor Bosshardt. Majoor Bosshardt was very important for the Salvation Army and has done a lot of great work for people at the fringes of society, especially in the red light district in Amsterdam. Studio Abacaxi designed in collaboration with Museummakers the permanent exhibition, the entrance area with a café and a shop and a 70's inspired meeting room floor. 

Photography: David Meulenbeld

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